Liliget Feast House

Liliget Feast House
Liliget Firewater launches a NEW! line of sweet vodka beverage with a finish that is like breathing in a big bowl of fresh fruit. You don't have to be a cocktail mixologist to savor these delicious cocktails, just pull the tab and enjoy!

Liliget Firewater was served to millions of customers who visited the Liliget Feast House, and indigenous fine dining restaurant, that was located in downtown Vancouver two blocks from Stanley Park. Liliget Feast House was owned by Dolly (Watts) McRae. Dolly and her daughter, Annie, spent twelve years operating the restaurant.

The chefs of the Liliget Feast House cooked over an alder wood-burning grill, preparing such mouth-watering dishes as Alder-Grilled Marinated Elk that paired well with our signiture cocktails, favorites of local regulars, out-of-town tourists, and celebrities alike.

As a restauranteur, Dolly was fortunate to rub shoulders with very important people: Patt Quinn who chose the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia as the venue to name the Grizzly basketball team and asked her to cater to the event. A dinner for Julie Payette, a Canadian Space Agency Astronaute, was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Julie Payette is the current Governor General of Canada, the 29th since Canadian Confederation. In the Famous movie magazine, Kim Cattrall recommended the Liliget Feast House for tasting native food in the longhouse tradition.

The recipe for one of the Liliget Firewater vodka beverage was published in April 2007 in the award winning Where People Feast, An Indigenous Peoples Cookbook, co-authored by Annie and Dolly (Watts) McRae, now in its second print.

Dolly (Watts) McRae and Annie Watts are culinary experts and share their love of food and beverage by conducting cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, lectures, and interviews for television, radio, and newspaper including CBC Radio, Shaw TV, GlobalBC, CTV, CityTV, and APTN. Dolly and Annie were featured in the TASTE BC Liquor Stores magazine for Where People Feast, An Indigenous People's Cookbook.

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